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Aug 08, 2011 | Administrator | 1750 views
Mouthguard Clinic
I would like to thank the Predators executive and coaches for giving me the opportunity to supply their athletes with gold standard-olympic quality sport mouth guards!

With 23 years working in the dental field I have helped to fix many "PREVENTABLE" oral facial injuries and watched parents struggle with the cost and implications associated. In some of these cases patients felt by wearing store bought guards they were being smart. In fact store bought guards offer little more protection than wearing nothing at all! (fact from The National Youth Sports Foundation for Safety)

Through extensive continuing education I learned about Pressure Laminated mouthguards and I have begun my own business providing these custom-fitted mouthguards to athletes such as yourselves. Their precise fit equals increased compliance and reduced injuries. With the loose fitting guards athletes risk airway obstructions. Research (Journal of Athletic Trainings) has shown with 3 to 4 mm's equally distributed between the top and lower teeth, 2 mm on the roof of your mouth and 3mm beside the cheek provides the best protection for teeth, tongue, gums, cheek, bone structure and jaw joints. It may also diminishes the incidence of concussion by providing high power absorption to lesson a blow from the jaw joint jamming into the base of the scull.

Pressure laminated guards = a small investment to protect from potential larger risks or even early retirement from a game you love to play due to concussions. Prices will vary depending upon layers used to customize the mouthguards to each individuals needs. After the impressions are taken and the guard is made the guards will be fitted to the lower jaw by adding indentations of the lower teeth for stability during contact.

Single layer - providing 3 mm for sports with little contact
- starting at $ 60.00 depending upon color choice and customization

Double layer - providing 3 to 5 mm for sports with high contact
- starting at $ 85.00 depending upon color choice and customization

Triple Layer - providing 3 to 5 mm protection with added layers to protect dental investments of veneers, crowns, bridges, implants
- $ 100.00 depending upon color choice and customization

Insurance forms can be provided to submit to your insurance carriers.
I look forward to meeting the Predators August 13 in Midland where I will be set up to take impressions. Appointments to custom fit each guard will then be booked. Please contact me for more information or to set up individual dates for impressions.

Kara Evershed RRDH
27 MacNaughtan Court
Bracebridge, Ontario
P1L 1L6
[email protected]
Quote from Hunter Ferguson North Central Predators AAA
"As a guy with a severe gag reflex problem, I found this mouthguard to be the most comfortable mouthguard I have ever had. I have had problems in the past with other guards as they caused me to gag. This mouthguard stays secure on my teeth and is easy to talk with it in!"