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Jan 04, 2011 | Administrator | 1200 views
NCOHA Predators Coach Selection 2011/2012
At the beginning of this hockey year, the NCOHA Predators’ Executive established“coach selection” as an area for improvement within our organization. In everysport organization this process is a highly contentious one given the variety ofinterests at stake and the significant role that our coaches play in the lives of youngathletes. Recognizing this, the NCOHA Executive selected specific areas of thisprocess for improvement.

The goals of this process were/are as follows:
  1. To create a more objective/impartial selection process;
  2. To utilize more subject area expertise in coach selection – this expertise is not restricted to hockey but includes coaching, fitness, teaching, etc.;
  3. To solicit information related to the crucial components of successful coaches – communication, consistency, the establishment of objectives, the measurement of success, team-building, etc.
  4. To scrutinize more practical components of hockey coaching knowledge; and
  5. To attract a broader number of applicants, including independent parties.
For the selection process of 2011/12, the NCOHA Predators will be moving forward with improved selection in all of these areas. While it is recognized that no selection process will be perfect (and nor will it be perceived to be), if certain principles are followed, our achievements will come closer to our ultimate goal. That goal is the
selection of the best available coaches for the players of the NCOHA Predators.

The process for this year will be as follows:

Each applicant will submit a resume, and will then proceed to an interview phase. All applicants will be interviewed by a “selection board”, comprised of subject matter experts and three Executive members. Following the interview, the applicant will undergo a practical exercise specific to the position for which he/she is applying.
All applicant processes will be reviewed by the selection board, headed by a chairperson. The board will submit the selected candidate to the NCOHA Executive which will review/approve the selection.

The grading scheme is as follows:
  1. The submission of a coaching resume. 5 points
  2. A coaching interview. 60 points
  3. A practical exercise. 30 points
  4. Reference checks. 5 points
  5. Total Score 100 points
Notifications of selection will occur as soon as possible as per the timelines, with Atom and Peewee teams announced by 11 February and Bantam and Midget teams announced by 25 February.

The NCOHA Executive will ensure that this is an unbiased process and that the best coaches possible are selected.

Thank-you for your interest,
Pat Morris
NCOHA Predators