MINOR MIDGET PROGRAM 2013-14, News (North Central Predators AAA)

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Mar 24, 2013 | NCOHA Predators and Coach Andrew Morris | 3598 views
The Minor Midget year is a critical year for young hockey players across Canada. It is the draft year for the Canadian Hockey League's Major Junior A and a critical year for exposure for players who aspire to play in the NCAA or the CIS. Coach Andrew Morris and Andrew Hawke, and the NCOHA Executive, are developing a program for the players on this team to prepare them for their season and the multitude of opportunities that hockey can provide for players in the Minor Midget year. 

An overview of the program has been provided below.

Off-Ice Strength & Conditioning
If one wishes to succeed in AAA hockey, and beyond, on-ice sessions are never enough. Players must be committed to off-ice programs to ensure the strength and conditioning required for the game at this level. Minor Midget players will be provided with an off-ice conditioning program aimed to excel at the testing provided at the OHL Combine events. This program will provide daily work-outs focusing on all major muscle groups and geared to the requirements of hockey. Emphasis will be placed on strength, conditioning, speed/quickness, injury prevention, core stability and enhanced on-ice performance. This program will include individual training regimes and team-based work-outs and testing to enhance development and team-building throughout the off-season.

As a further team-building experience, Asst. Coach Andrew Hawke will be hosting weekly sessions for the players focusing on plyometric workouts to achieve enhanced speed and quickness.

On-Ice Sessions
The team will engage in regular on-ice sessions from May to August. Coach Morris will be involved in these sessions as will on-ice Instructor Mike Torkoff of Next Level Sports Performance. Mike Torkoff currently works with the personal training of a variety of athletes, participates in the physical testing of OHL draft candidates at the OHL Combines and develops his programs with Mark Fitzgerald, Strength & Conditioning Coach for the AHL's Toronto Marlies and the OHL Oshawa Generals.

Immediately prior to the season (late August) the team will provide an on- and off-ice camp to prepare the team to enter the season. Further, extra on-ice sessions will be held (apart from team practice) to work on fundamentals such as power-skating, edge control and puck protection.

Player Development & Promotion
The NCOHA Predators will be providing player promotion to market their players throughout the year. Apart from the normal communication between Central Scouting and the Coaching Staff, the Predators will provide a promotion package and electronic communication on player/team performance and achievement.

NCAA Viewing Trip
On an annual basis, the NCOHA Predators provide a Scouting Symposium to their Bantam and Midget players to educate players and families on their hockey options. This year the Minor Midget team has contracted a promotional company to conduct an NCAA viewing trip to Michigan. In October, players and families will travel to two universities, receive presentations on their hockey and academic programs, get tours of the athletic facilities and have an opportunity to attend games. The team will also be playing in 1-2 games while on the trip.

Video Sessions
To enhance the learning process this year, Coach Morris will be contracting assistance throughout the year to video-tape all aspects of the game. The Coaching Staff will then be providing regular video sessions to the players to enhance their hockey IQ, especially away from the puck.

All of the steps outlined above will ensure effective team-building throughout the off-season and a team ready to compete at the start of the season. Thanks everybody and see you at try-outs!