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Aug 05, 2021 | KCipolla | 793 views
Concussion Management Program
 Complete Concussion Management Program Multimodal Baseline TestingConcussions are an injury to the brain, that may cause long-lasting damage, if not dealt with appropriately. They are a serious issue and require immediate care and attention. Players should follow a managed Return to Play program that includes an exertion test prior to returning to game play. Why is a Baseline Test valuable? 

 Multimodal tests are objective, reliable, evidence-based and provide immediate feedback to the clinician. Without a Baseline, concussion management becomes a symptom-based process which is not objective or in the athlete’s best interest. Objective evaluation provides a higher level of efficiency, precision and safety. Multimodal baselines are recommended by the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation Paediatric concussion guidelines and supported by 44 research articles. It is recommended for "At Risk Athletes."1. A Multimodal Baseline test provides objective information from healthy athletes prior to receiving a concussion that the clinician can use and compare.2. These tests include balance, reaction time, strength, memory, concentration, visual tracking, processing speed, and provide doctors and clinicians with an indication of how your brain works when healthy.3. In the event of a concussion, athletes are re-tested and results compared in order to ensure proper recovery prior to return to play.4. The testing is eligible for reimbursement through chiropractic benefits. The Sports Medicine Direct access to our clinical team within 24 - 48 hours of a possible concussion.*benefits.Book individual baseline appointments by calling 705.325.2200.Supervised 10 step Return to Learn and Play process to ensure athletes are progressed and monitored step by step toward a safe and full recovery prior to returning to game play.360-degree communication with the parent, player, coach and teacher by collaborating with your physician to provide education and treatment.Access to our Sport Medicine physician network.Rapid Access to a Physician Specialty network when required – visual, neuro, etc. Multimodal Baseline Testing - $110.00 may be covered by extended health careSports Medicine, 3285 Monarch Drive, Orillia, L3V 7W7* A Certified Complete Concussion Management clinic.